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Privacy Policy

Loop ISD collects data through two separate methods.

  1. Website Traffic Data Collection: This represents the data collected from users frequenting our website.

  2. School Admittance Data Collection: This represents data we collect from families and staff who work for or have a child attending Loop ISD.

Below we will cover how we collect this data, what we use it for, and how we share it with 3rd parties. Please understand that Loop ISD is committed to protecting the privacy and personal information of all those attending our school or frequenting our website. We do not share any data that isn't pertinent for the operation of the school. As well, we do not collect or share any personally identifiable information from those using our website, except for IP addresses and traffic information which we will cover.

hOW WE Collect Information

Website Traffic Data Collection

Loop ISD is not interested in collecting or possessing any personally identifiable information from users on our website. We keep track of only the crucial data needed to supply access to our site and facilitate it's viewing experience. To that end, we collect the IP addresses of our visitors only so that we may route their traffic to that address, but we do not store these IP addresses or distribute them. Additionally, data is also collected using Cookies and Web Beacons.

Cookies: These are small text files located on the visitors computer that store computer, browser, and website information so that our website will be easier for the computer to find in the future. They can be cleared at any time through your browsers cookie settings. 

  Web Beacons: These are small files located on our website that register visitor requests to access our site and the content within for traffic facilitation purposes only.

Neither of these methods store personally identifiable information.

School Admittance Data Collection

Data collected during the admissions process is done with the consent of the individuals providing the information and protected with the utmost discretion. Individuals under the age of 18 require the consent of their parent/guardian before we collect any of their information. Loop ISD collects only the data necessary for the admissions process for the purposes of evaluation and contact. This data is collected through applications gathered from our website, our third party student information service, or SIS, ASCENDER, other third parties such as previous schools or doctors offices, and via communication with our admissions department. 

Personally identifiable information that we collect can include but is not limited to: name, gender, race/ethnicity, date of birth, parentage, addresses, phone numbers, financial status, medical records, and educational history. Educational history can include test scores, extra-curricular activities, disciplinary information, and academic performance history. Parents/Guardians are also required to supply information regarding employment, contact information, and marital status.

This information is integral for the admission of students to our facility and can not be accomplished without it. No information is shared without the consent of the individual and their parents/guardians.

Employees and applicants of Loop ISD will have their names, contact information, education, and work history collected as well as being subject to a background check.


Website Traffic Data Collection

No personally identifiable information is collected from visitors to our website, and therefore is not used outside of facilitating web traffic. However, on occasion Loop ISD may provide forms and surveys on our website that collect information the user is willing to supply. This data is used for, but not limited to, gauging community interest in future endeavors, cultivating information regarding prospective staff and students, or for communicating with visitors. 

School Admittance Data Collection

Personally identifiable information gathered from staff and students during their time at Loop ISD is used solely to benefit their experience while attending. We cultivate this data so that it may assist the staff member or student as they continue on with their endeavors.  


Website Traffic Data Collection

It is Loop ISD's policy that we do not collect, share, sell, or otherwise distribute visitor information to any third-parties.

School Admittance Data Collection

This information is shared with the local, state, and federal governments for the purposes of regulatory and legal compliance in accordance with law. We will also share information about our students with other schools, colleges, or hospitals at the request of their parents/guardians. Employee information too can be shared with other businesses at the request of the employee or former employee.

Safety and Security

Loop ISD is committed to protecting the personally identifiable information of all persons attending, working, or otherwise engaging with the school. We take all reasonable precautions in the security and safe keeping of this information. However, please be aware that schools are targets for many identity theft attacks and no information can be kept 100% safe. We encourage our community to practice safe habits towards their personal data and to be aware of social engineering techniques. Please keep in mind that Loop ISD will never ask for any of your passwords through any of our myriad of communication processes(phone, email, fax, etc.). If you have any questions or concerns regarding the security of your information please reach out to us by phone or email.

The mission of the Loop Independent School District is to provide the highest quality education possible to meet the individual needs of all students, emphasizing academic and life skills in a motivating, disciplined, nurturing environment through a collaborative effort among District personnel, students, parents, and the community.

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